How About A Little Juicy Controversy Here Folks?

by John (Blog Editor)
The Liberal scams to exploit the coronavirus contagion have begun in earnest now. They are doing everything in their power to use the hysteria about the disease as a method of raising funds with which to support their open borders agenda and their “Help The Homeless” agenda.
I fully believe that cities run by Leftist governments ( think runaway  defecation on the streets of San Francisco) —are now going to use all the money they can raise from government and individuals to buy whatever buildings ( hotels, motels, hospitals, abandoned industrial sites, etc., ad infinitum they can lay their hands on so that when they are no longer needed to house victims of the coronavirus, they can turn them into hostels for the illegal immigrants and the chronic homeless —It is the way they roll.
There is nothing quite as good as a national crisis such as the one now being created by coronavirus to be exploited by the failed politicians on the American Left for purposes of propping up their miserably failed policies.
You are welcome to tell me I am wrong about this if you want to, but while you are at it, also tell me why I am wrong. (Give me the details as you see it — don’t just leave a short, generalized comment …. be specific … tell me all about it.)

5 thoughts on “How About A Little Juicy Controversy Here Folks?

  1. The coverage of this strain of Coronavirus, Covid-19, is a lot different than the coverage was during the Obama administration when Coronavirus SARS broke out. It is a lot more breathless and panicky this time.

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