Main Stream Media Fanning The Fires Of Panic Over Coronavirus!

I would welcome the Main Stream Media merely informing the public about the spread of Coronavirus —– I would welcome Main Stream Media instructing the public on how to protect themselves from coronavirus ….. which I believe they are trying their best to do ….. so give them credit for that much at least! (I am a fair minded critic.) (Credit where credit is due and Hell raising where Hell raising is due.)

But when my evening news blares to life on my TV screen, I feel like the first words, spoken in hyper sensationalist tones, are engineered to instill fear into my heart more than to inform. Such things as “Death Toll Rises” may be accurate but the way they say it makes it sound like half the country is already dead. (Maybe I am being too sensitive.)

I feel as if the way Mainstream Media is handling this coronavirus coverage is just plain too paranoid!  Maybe it is designed to be that way.  After all, “The Sinking Of The Titanic” stories always sell more newspapers, don’t they?  The more gory details the better ….. I firmly believe that the Main Stream Media believes that is good editorial policy to include as many ghastly, gory and scary scenarios in their reporting as the market will bear. I believe the Networks are trying to outdo each other in this regard.

Main Stream Media aside for the moment, let me remind everybody of the Motion Picture entitled “Contagion” that came out in 2011 about an unstoppable pandemic. When I reviewed the trailer to this movie, my blood ran cold because it seemed to reflect much of what is happening with the coronavirus. If you like conspiracy theories, I am sure you could weave a whopper of a conspiracy theory around this little item:

I mean to say that when you think about it, this motion picture seems prophetic in many ways  …… It is hard for me to believe in such a close-ordered coincidence.

There is a trailer to “Contagion” on You Tube and if you simply Google the following words, it might take you over to You Tube where you can see it.  It is bone=chilling to me. The following is NOT a link. It is something you can Google and find the movie trailer.

You Tube Movie Contagion


3 thoughts on “Main Stream Media Fanning The Fires Of Panic Over Coronavirus!

  1. You said it. Bad stories sell papers, and advertising. Nobody ever wanted to read ‘Titanic arrives safely, and on time’, or ‘Hindenburg didn’t crash’.
    Best wishes,Pete.

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