Right Back At You!

There are reportedly some members of The British Parliament who wish to refuse President Trump the honor of speaking before both houses of their government as many presidents in the past have done.

I have some suggestions as to how America should respond to this insult to the office of the President:

  1.  Immediate suspension of all trade agreements with Great Britain.
  2.  Instant tariffs on all the goods from England now at port.
  3.  No more travel allowed from The U.S. to The British Isles.
  4.  No more financial aid of any kind to any British cause.
  5.  No more material aid of any kind under any circumstances.
  6.  Immediate silencing of any and all British broadcasting to the United States.
  7.  Shutter any and all embassies or field offices of any kind connected with The British government that reside on American soil.
  8. Immediate regulatory tax increase on any British businesses based on U.S. Soil.
  9. No more British influence on American Public Broadcasting.

In the event an apology to the President is issued, all the above measures would be suspended and normal relations with “Them” reinstated.

12 thoughts on “Right Back At You!

  1. You ill have to keep in touch even after excommunicating the UK over the Trump issue. 🙂 He is exceptionally unpopular here. I cannot recall when a US president was so disliked by such a large percentage of the public in Britain. Not since Nixon, anyway.

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  2. This is how America became the greatest nation on earth rather than a colony of a foreign power. This is also how the British blew it at Yorktowne. Nevertheless, it is a great comment and I appreciate it for it’s directness and honesty.

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  3. Dear Queen Elizabeth,

    If Your Majesty lets President Trump speak in Parliament, we will release Harry and Meghan from Rikers Island.

    If Your Majesty lets President Trump speak uninterrupted, we will allow “No Time to Die” to play in U.S. movie theaters.

    If Your Majesty lets President Trump rule Parliament, we will close every McDonald’s in the British Isles, and pay reparations.

    Signed, American Patriots

    Damn Yankees,

    Bugger off, you gormless arsemongers!

    Signed, QEII

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