Preppers Preparing By Buying And Hoarding Food And Everything Else!
“Preppers” are people who believe in stocking up on essentials as they await the end of the world or the end of civilization as we have known it.

These “Preppers” have recently been going on buying binges in order to prepare for a long lockdown during the coronavirus deluge now spreading it’s hairy legs across The World.

The Preppers might have a great idea for the short term in hoarding all this shit they are buying but do any of them realize that the time will come when their stock of supplies will be depleted …. and then what?

Better to learn to live off the land, I would say!

Given that coronavirus is reported to have come from snakes, I would say to the Preppers, “Avoid eating snakes.”


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  1. You have inspired me to start writing some articles I used to publish called “The Billionaire Diaries.” I might do one of those just as a break from politics.

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  2. Every billionaire will tell you that the way to riches lies in the prudent use of “Other People’s Money” (OPM) so you are on track and correct. It could begin with something as simple as a vehicle called “Self-Liquidating Loan.”

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  3. The aliens are coming and they are riding in on the backs of coronavirus ….and as to who has to be wrong in this situation, let us just say that whichever of us is the billionaire has to be right because money always talks. So, is it you or me?

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  4. Here we have a problem, because I am never wrong, in this situation one of us has to be wrong and since it is never me it must be you 😉

    On a serious note it depends on what the prepper is prepping for, just being prepared fine, going to live in a bunker for 15 years because you heard that aliens are coming to wipe us out, not so fine

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  5. I am allowed to be wrong once in awhile but because of my vastly superior intellectual capabilities (snark) those occasions are few and far between … but I respect you opinion and I appreciate your comments. I do not personally consider the “Preppers” as high on the evolutionary scale…. but it is what it is!

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  6. I actually think you are wrong, Preppers would have been prepared for this and buying in small loads over the previous months and years. Idiots on the other hand are the ones going out and buying all the bloody toilet roll


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