California Cruise Ship Coronavirus Victims To Be Quarantined At Military Bases!

The American passengers from that cruise ship docked off the coast of California will be transferred to inland American Military bases for 14 days of quarantine according to news reports I have read.

This raises a serious question in my mind: “Will the potential presence of coronavirus at military bases pose a threat to our military personnel?  What better scenario for the enemies of the United States than to have most of our military down in bed with this infectious disease!  What are they thinking?

I am starting to wonder what happens if America is seriously weakened by this plague? Will our enemies see that as an open invitation to come on in and invade or to seize control of our vital assets —- or worse?

I hear they are even putting these quarantine-ees on Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas …. the base known as “The Gateway To The Air Force” ….. a training base for Christ’s sake ….. a base filled with trainees …. unseasoned trainees …. I can’t imagine the threat that this quarantine at this kind of facility poses to our Military!

Now you tell me, “What the “F” could possibly go wrong?

4 thoughts on “California Cruise Ship Coronavirus Victims To Be Quarantined At Military Bases!

  1. If you we old enough and the crisis gets bad enough and the government someday decides on a selection program, we might not get off the base …future generations might discover the mass graves …


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