Violence Against GOP Voters By Leftist Thugs Now On The Rise! Will It Get Worse As The Elections Get Nearer?

A Florida man has been arrested and charged after he allegedly drove a van into a tent where GOP members were registering people to vote.  After the alleged attack, the man is reported to have given his reason for doing it as “I don’t like Trump.”  Witnesses have reported that after the man was finished running into the voter tent, he stopped to record what had been done and left the scene.

This incident is not the only one where Leftists have chosen to use violence against members of the American Right.  Remember the guy who fired rifle shots across a baseball field at some GOP members a couple of years ago?

Twitter is filled with tweets advocating violence against Republicans. You can go and find those for yourself.

Not too long ago, a major news agency had tabulated more than 600 violent attacks on GOP members and supporters by Left Wingers in The United States …. all of these incidents a probable sure sign that Leftist violence against the GOP is on the rise because of Trump Hatred.

Isn’t this the kind of thing that communists use when they are trying to take over a country?  I believe it has been the case. If that is true ( and it is definitely true ) then why would the “Peace Loving” American Left Wing want to even consider using such tactics here on our own American soil?

One such attack was done against a single individual some time back for no other reason than that the victim was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.


You want to know the funny part about all this?  The funny part about all this is that I believe the Democrats and their Main Stream Media cronies seem to be turning a blind eye to what is happening here …. and, in so doing, I am of the opinion that they are culpable to the same degree as the perps who are acting this violence out.

I wonder if Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and all those boys are having some kind of jubilee in Hell over all these developments?



4 thoughts on “Violence Against GOP Voters By Leftist Thugs Now On The Rise! Will It Get Worse As The Elections Get Nearer?

  1. Yes, it is to be expected … it all takes into consideration which side is in control and which side is vying to gain control.


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