The Morning Roundup

Dr. Ben Carson has reportedly said that “We” are doing everything we can to minimize the damage from coronavirus. What this says to me is that we aren’t doing shit because (a) we don’t know what to do and (b) because government is unprepared for such crises. Good try there Ben!

General Jack Keane is preparing to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Congratulations to General Keane. I can’t think of anybody more deserving to receive the medal. On that note, I can’t think of anybody who isn’t potentially able to receive the medal either. It seems to be getting given out to an awfully lot of folks during this administration.

The DOW futures have dropped another 1,000 points overnight and the price of oil has plummeted by 30-percent. This is bad news but it isn’t over until it is over.  We have to take comfort in the fact that the DOW can never drop lower than zero percent. We can take comfort in knowing that if the price of oil drops too low, those who sell products derived from oil can always gouge the prices for gasoline and shit … and more than likely will do exactly that!

Looks like airline attendants (stewardesses and stewards) are not immune from coronavirus which gives me just one more reason to keep my ass solidly on the ground.

Massachusetts reports that their coronavirus cases have doubled overnight. I do not know, at this point whether to feel sorry for Massachusetts or not because every state has the potential for meeting and/or breaking their record.

Stores are running out of hand sanitizer. That is unfortunate. Perhaps the manufacturers can gear their production up or people can remember that there were days before there was any such thing as hand sanitizers and the best disinfecting agent for use by humans and monkeys was pure old rubbing alcohol. Pure old rubbing alcohol carried in a small spray bottle would be helpful in my opinion.

A lot of professionals are now reported to be saying that most people who catch coronavirus will have a mild case and if they get the coveted mild case they can recover at home. I don’t know where that came from but I did read it on the Internet just this very morning. ——-

North Korea is reported to have fired off three unidentified projectiles recently which means that nobody knows exactly what they fired off ….and if nobody knows exactly what they fired off that doesn’t speak well of our surveillance or intelligence because our surveillance and intelligence should know what the hell it was they fired off …On a side note I heard somewhere that North Korea executed their first case of coronavirus and this appealed to me as kind of an inhumane albeit novel method of dealing with the outbreak.

I have read reports that there are whole families of quarantined people who have said to themselves, “Well f**k this shit!” and who have gone ahead and broke their quarantine and mixed back into the general population. Most Americans hate the inconvenience of being quarantined so I guess we are in for a full fledged spread of this disease because of assholes who don’t give a damn about the safety and security of other people.  I also believe that if that kind of crap keeps up, we will see a quick rise of involuntary quarantines in facilities designed to make sure the inmates cannot get out. (For the good of the country, of course.) —- You know what I haven’t seen yet?  I haven’t seen government issued badges …. badges designed for mandatory wear …. badges intended to identify coronavirus victims …. I hope that if such a badge ever materializes that it will not be a yellow star. (Or a red one either, for that matter.)

I see that the Liberals are continuing on their rampage of using the coronavirus as a political weapon. I imagine that Republicans will also soon see the advantage in such an approach. All this makes me so much less confident in professional politicians. I can’t begin to tell you how damned disgusting I think this kind of crap is!

The current narrative is that Trump has “bungled” the response (there’s no real evidence of that), thereby threatening his re-election, because that’s all this is really about to them.

Now “They” are talking about isolating WHOLE REGIONS of The United States … WHOLE REGIONS in areas where the coronavirus outbreaks are regarded to be particularly severe —- Ignore the fact that I found this on Fox News and think for a minute … think and realize that regardless of where I found the news, the potential for such Orwellian tactics is very much real and could very soon define your day to day life as a “Free” American Citizen! (People prefer safety and security over personal freedom, do they not?) ——–

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, on Sunday refused to rule out isolating areas of the US where coronavirus outbreaks are particularly severe.

“You know, you don’t want to alarm people, but given the spread we’ve seen, you know, anything’s possible,” Fauci said on Fox News Sunday. “And that’s the reason why we’ve got to be prepared to take whatever action is appropriate to contain and mitigate the outbreak.” ——-

I have what I think is a great idea to help combat this new covid-19 thing …. Let’s just shut down the cruise ship industry for the duration.  How about them apples folks? Just shut the cruise industry down for the duration of the crisis since it appears to me that those ships are ideal breeding places for the virus and for hundreds of passengers to become infected all more or less at  once. If the government is thinking about isolating whole regions of the country, why not isolate whole industries that cater to gatherings of thousands of people all in one place all at the same time?

Let’s empty those damned ball parks too …. and those concert venues where thousands of idiots gather to rock and roll …..

6 thoughts on “The Morning Roundup

  1. Aircraft are a breeding ground for things like this, and air travel should be heavily restricted until it calms down. Look at Italy today, 60 million under compulsoy lockdown. That’s what has to be done.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I agree with you that the government is flat footed in this crisis…..some sports have decided to try your suggestion….Formula One in Bahrain will run the race but no fans in attendance…..even heard the NBA was considering the same sort of thing. Sorry but I see nothing new here…politicians are making hay while they can and in the process to embarrass the opposing party…..same as it always is chuq

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