Morning Report

Trump and Twitter are into it over an allegedly edited clip the Trump campaign tweeted suggesting that Joe Biden had somehow endorsed Trump for President …. It appears that Twitter tagged the Trump Tweet as “Manipulated”. The President took the position that the Biden campaign has already posted many such tweets and Twitter took no notice of those. The President wrote a letter to Twitter asking that they apply their standards equally and evenly across the board.

There’s a lot of talk on the Internet this morning about how Joe Biden does a lot of “Gaffes” during his speeches ….This has sparked some concern among some observers that the candidate might be suffering from some kind of cognitive issues …. Of course, everybody is subject to making gaffes … even this blogger makes gaffes …Is this whole discussion a political thing or is there really something to be concerned about?  I would like to think it is entirely political. It is my personal opinion that no matter who it is running for high office in this land, they should be subject to thorough vetting to include all and any available reliable tests for stability …. Every candidate …. no matter who they are …. but I am not holding my breath until it happens.

There are calls going out from high places this morning for more testing for coronavirus in the country. At the same time, there are complaints that there aren’t enough testing kits to get the job done. At the same time it is reported that those who make the test kits are working their asses to the bone trying to get enough of them made and distributed and then there are the complaints that the kits are being delayed because the administration had cut funding to the CDC …. It is a mess, folks … it seems to me like an awfully lot of people are running around like chickens with their heads cut off who have been thoroughly floored by how this thing erupted and how damned fast it is spreading.

The money markets continue to tank ostensibly because of coronavirus fears and uncertainties and I think this is total bullshit because those investors should see the damage that is being done by their “chicken little” (The sky is falling) attitudes and they could take this thing in hand and stop the market slides if only they would exhibit a little “Ball Power” and take charge of their emotions and their portfolios …. for the good of the nation. If they do not do this, they are liable to end up in a position where none of them have a pot to piss in.

Everybody is looking at what happened in Italy and now the Lemmings among us are starting to bitch and whine about the possibility that our own government might start placing quarantine on whole regions of the nation … just like they did in Italy ….and the sad part is that the government might just do exactly that … which leaves me wondering if this might not be something that was planned decades ago … something the country was warned about a long time ago but turned a deaf ear to  …. so much for the conspiracy part of this paragraph …. but it is obvious to me that the government is going to do something that will force the people to change their lifestyles …. and sooner than most people think ….. How are people going to face the possibility of having their individual freedoms severely curtailed ….. What part of such an action would the very rich find that they could reap a whirlwind of profits from ….. I wish that I had been the CEO of a hand sanitizer manufacturing company ….. I could make more billions if I were.

Somebody told me that Candidate Sanders told somebody (Is this hearsay or what) that he would not close the borders because of coronavirus. That sounds like a pretty irresponsible thing to say if the candidate did, indeed say it ,… and I have nothing that proves to me that he did actually say such a thing …. but I found it floating around on the Internet … Yes, this is the time when we need an open door policy so that we can import even more diseases into the country …. NOT!

Well, that is some of what is happening this morning. I will be back later with more.

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