At least one state governor is asking the sports jocks to ban fans from attending sports events because of coronavirus fears.  Now maybe we can get some governors to ban the sports events themselves so we can watch our normal television programs.

Some schools are shutting down because of coronavirus.  This is wonderful news to me because it means that we won’t have to follow behind school buses out on the streets 24-hours per day. The bad part of it is that if this shit keeps up, the schools might get the bright idea that they have to sock taxpayers for a few more million-dollar tax levies so they can build more new schools that will give students 6-feet of space between each one of them … to avoid the coconavirus.

Biden was caught on tape telling an auto worker in Detroit that the auto worker was full of shit. — Great image for a potential president of the United States if you ask me!



5 thoughts on “Nooze

  1. MA has just declared a state of emergency and I wouldn’t be surprised if Governor Baker announces in the next few days that next month’s Boston Marathon is canceled. Both Sanders and Biden have canceled their rallies tonight. It’s going to be interesting how the coronavirus will effect future rallies. So far, Trump has asserted that he will continue to hold his, but I don’t see how he can under these circumstances.

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