Proper Hand Washing

First of all you are going to need soap or an acceptable substitute ….. and no, cow pies or sheep dung are not acceptable substitutes.

Then you are going to have to find water somewhere …. warm is nice … cool will do … wet is an absolute necessity!

So I suggest that you lather your hands up really well and scrub between your fingers, on the tops, sides and bottoms of hands … on every surface of fingers … and that you repeat this process 7 times because the Jewish People believe that one cannot have clean hands unless they are washed 7 times.

Now, after you have washed your hands ….and I suggest that you extend the hand washing all the way up to your elbows and all the way down to your knees …. and you have done this at least 7 times while you sing the entire “William Tell” overture — your hands will be acceptably clean — until the next time you touch something or somebody.


I suppose that if you really want to be clean, you should include your neck and face in this ritual and maybe even your hair too ….. actually if you are really concerned about virus and germs, it might not be a bad idea to have your head shaven and every single bodily hair removed.  But that is just my personal opinion.

A more reasonable approach … and a far easier one …. would, in my opinion, be the method proposed in the blog, “By Hook or By Book” to which I have linked for your information …. in the link below:


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