Rambling Along Here

There is a report out there supposedly from some airport in Atlanta, Georgia that people coming into The United States from South Korea and Italy are not being screened for coronavirus in Atlanta because South Korea and Italy had already done exit screening on them before they ever left their original destination to come here.


So now I guess we are taking the word of these foreign governments that they have done the screening as the airplane passengers leave their countries on the way to the United States and if that is the case then I am calling “Dangerous and Irresponsible” right here and now!

O.K., people … so Joe Biden’s poll numbers are through the roof and his campaign is raising money like gangbusters and his supporters seem to think that he is the only answer to America’s woes ….. but attendance at his small-venue rallies seems to be miniscule at best and pitiful to behold according to some observers.

So where is the fervor? Where is the mass display of energy on behalf of the Biden message? If the interest in Biden is so damned popular then where are the people who should be filling stadiums up with cheering, shouting, flag-waving enthusiasts?


I think there is something that we are missing here with this Biden fervor thing folks!

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