Tiddle Tweaks

A wall won’t stop a virus but a virus could certainly put a stop to some of the campaigns of some of these people that really should never have run for president in the first place. Of course being a compassionate sort of guy I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy or would I — heh! heh! heh!

As this nasty-assed virus continues to spread I would say we need that Trump wall on the southern border more than ever.  Let’s get it going guys — let’s get it up as quick as we can!

I know Trump’s enemies are trying to use this pandemic coronavirus thing as a weapon to try to get him removed from the presidency. It is the way they roll folks.

I can’t imagine that there would be anybody who could oppose Joe Biden as a candidate for the Presidency. I mean, let’s get real here folks, he couldn’t possibly screw up the country any more than he does some of the words he uses while giving speeches!

There are Warren supporters who never did support Biden and who never will … and there are also sane Americans who will not support either one of those and who never will.

I cannot understand all the hype about these test kits for coronavirus.  Let’s suppose somebody gets tested at 10 O’clock this morning and the test comes back saying that they are not infected.  Then at 10:15 this morning, that same person goes out and gets the virus. What the hell good are these test kits anyway?

I just read where Texas has announced that it is going to start the biggest voter registration effort in history …. all at the same time they are reportedly shutting down more than 700 of their polling places …. what the hell is that all about?

Somebody in Congress …. somebody whose name I do not wish to use because I cannot abide the individual …. has reportedly told somebody that people who are forced to stay at home because of coronavirus should receive a guaranteed sick pay check in lieu of lost wages. — My opinion? My opinion is that if government authorizes guaranteed sick leave pay there are going to be an awfully lot of lazy assed people who will suddenly become sick for long long periods of time … and probably on a regular basis.  Nothing like getting paid for doing nothing!

Some people are out there moaning, whining, bitching and pissing their pants because somebody had the nerve to publicly call coronavirus “The Chinese Virus.”  The complainers are saying that to call the coronavirus “The Chinese Virus” is being racist. Alright then … where did this damned virus come from?  It came from China, correct? If it came from China, and China is Chinese, then why in the hell can it not be called “The Chinese Virus?” There are some dick breaths out there who could make calling dog shit a turd into a racist statement.

Voting in the Democrat Primaries is said to build enthusiasm among the misinformed idiots who believe they are “Coming After Trump” in the 2020 elections.  In reality, voting in the democrat primaries will only build enthusiasm among idiots for losing their political asses in the 2020 elections. And that is something they seem to me to be more than enthusiastic about doing for themselves.

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