Lawmakers Getting Nervous Over Coronavirus

Lawmakers in Washington are reportedly getting a little nervous about the rapidly-spreading, often fatal coronavirus according to responsible sources I have read this very day.  They are missing crucial votes in The House of Representatives, they are cancelling trips, they are cancelling rallies and meetings, they are asking anyone who shows up for meetings with any sign of a head cold to stay at home and attend the meeting by electronic means. Hand shakes and hugging seem to be something of the past right now in Washington.

At least 5 members of The House have quarantined themselves and 38 others decided not to show up at all recently and many Representatives have announced they are cancelling all their scheduled public events.

Some of the same elected officials who have been downplaying the dangers of coronavirus for the rest of us have been telling each other, “Nobody is safe!” (Or so I have been told.) Like .. what the hell, folks? I want to know just exactly what it is that is spooking the professional politicians so much …. and what is it that they are holding back from telling The American People?

Just between you and me, folks, I am waiting for somebody up there on “The Hill” to suddenly announce that The Capitol is shut down.  I am looking for Washington, D.C., to become a veritable ghost town fairly soon now as the big wigs scramble to protect themselves and their families from this thing.

Since hearing that coronavirus is especially dangerous for those over 60 years of age, it has dawned on me that an awfully lot of our elected officials in Washington and elsewhere are probably in that endangered group.  This rekindles my idea that I have expressed many times before that elected officials need to have strictly enforced term limits just because of crap like this plague that has descended on us.  I understand there are a lot of people in government who have pre-existing conditions and that cannot bode well for a great number of them either.

What will life be like if our government gets crippled by this thing and … what are the possibilities of that kind of nightmare actually happening?  I think chances are pretty damned good myself that this virus thing could bring a lot of pressure on the functioning of our government and I believe that is one of the reasons a lot of them are running to and fro trying to set up teleconferencing and other “Meeting” vehicles where actual bodily attendance is not a requirement.

Just about a month ago, none of this stuff was even heard of.  I remember that just a short time ago everything was humming along in a “Business As Usual” mode and now there is mounting chaos!

I think this thing is going to bring up the old question again, “Why do our elected representatives have full coverage free health care and the rest of us street-bound peons have to sacrifice leg and limb even to get minimum health care? Where is that free healthcare that was promised to us and why do the people on The Hill still have it?”

I believe there is one consolation in all this concern up at Capitol Hill ….. In my estimation, those guys don’t do all that much work anyway so maybe we will be better off as a nation if they don’t get together as often because I don’t believe they really do much when they are up there anyway.




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