Letter To Everybody

Hello Everybody ….. I am glad to see that you could make it again.  It is always nice to see each and every one of you here on the most imaginative and controversial blog on earth ….am I bragging too much here? ( Note to self: “Remember what your friend always says, “Never write a book when a paragraph will do.” (Of course I love to write books, so I guess that is that!

I see that Bernie is determined to stay in the race and defeat Trump. Can you hear me laughing from where you are? I guess Bernie can stay in the race if he wants to but I am betting that he is not going to defeat Trump. I like the old guy myself ….. I like a lot of people ….. I have always been partial to elderly folks, especially since I have become an elderly person myself ….. I look into the mirror every day and I say, “Hello there, you handsome old person …. I see you made it into yet another day!”  The mirror has not yet answered me back so I guess I am not entirely senile just yet. I will not be sniffing any ladies’ hair or massaging any strange children’s’ cheeks because I am not running for president ….. I guess a little bit of over familiarity is a qualification to run for offices nowadays.

I see where Senator Clyburn has suggested that everybody just throw in the towel, get on their buses and into their cars and airplanes and go home and forget all about having any more Democrat primaries ….. I guess the idea is that since Joe Biden has already won so many states there is no further need for any more primaries …. It is my opinion that such an idea is the absolute depth of arrogance …. but then what do I know?  Maybe Biden does have the nomination locked up!  Maybe Biden has already won the 2020 election and is just waiting to take what I think are his extreme policies into the Oval Office …The way politics have been working in America lately, I am almost willing to believe any kind of unlikely scenario at this point.

I wonder if I am the only American who is hearing some of the Democrats when they say such things as, “Let’s shut this primary stuff down and focus all our attention and efforts on defeating President Trump?”  Surely there are more Americans than myself who would be more interested in hearing somebody on the Democrat side say, “Let’s shut these primaries down and focus on the issues that most concern our constituents and the American People generally.  That would be something I would love to hear from a Democrat but no, I think their unresolved rage at Trump is still smouldering with volcanic potential and they are unable to think of anything else beside defeating Trump in 2020 ….and the sad part is that if they get elected in 2020, they are going to spend the next Four years trying to find out new ways to get Trump out of the Oval Office. I don’t think the Democrats remember how to serve The People.  I think they have obsessed over Trump for so long they have lost all sense of why they are in Washington in the first place.

Some people who must think of themselves as political gurus are out there telling the Democrats what they should be doing now …I can answer that question in one sentence: I think what the Democrats should be doing now is going back to college and taking some Civics courses … and I think while they are doing that, they should read the Constitution over again and get some idea of what it really says ….and then they should get back into Washington and back into their offices and start communicating with their People again to see what their People need and want instead of constantly obsessing over how to get rid of Trump.  Trump is going to run his course no matter what his haters have to say about it and they might just as well get used to it!

There’s been another horrible shooting in Baltimore but I am not going to obsess about that either because nothing is ever going to be done about gun violence in this country so long as the gun lobby controls the national dialogue about gun violence control. I believe horrible shootings are going to be our new normal as long as every pervert can get a gun and use it as his or her main conflict resolution mechanism.

Well, I have to stop for now and go find something to feed “Fergus,” my pet alligator. I will see you all a little later with some more ongoing genius babble from the amazing world in which I live.

5 thoughts on “Letter To Everybody

  1. John….I agree with you….if the last few primaries are not needed then cancel all primaries…..it is Biden that wants this to end so he does not face to face the voters any more…..Biden is a wasted candidate…..centrists have lost the last couple of elections….Gore…lost….Kerry….lost……Clinton….lost…..so if the Dems want a loss then Biden is your guy. chuq

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