Why Coronavirus Testing Is So Far Behind In The United States

Some people want to blame President Trump for a slow response to the coronavirus pandemic but I don’t see anybody talking about the real reasons that testing for the virus is so slow and far behind in The United States.

The real reason for the lag in testing in the U.S., is not the President’s fault but is the fault of shortages in an essential chemical element of the test kits themselves ….an item called “Qiagen” used by the manufacturers of the diagnostic aids … a firm that is located in The Dutch Netherlands.


I would like to thank the online publication, “The Daily Agitator” for directing me to this information.


5 thoughts on “Why Coronavirus Testing Is So Far Behind In The United States

  1. I have always said that I will forever give credit where credit is due and I will raise hell when I disagree with something. Your paper is an honest, forthright, dependable, and balanced publication and I see it as a dependable source of factual reporting. So I will make use of it.

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  2. THanx for the shout out for my p”paper”…..I appreciate it….I will be writing about this today as well….but to answer your question I believe they are…the MSM that is chuq

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