How Long Before They Cancel The Whole World?

Quarantines — cancelled events — cancelled lifestyles — How long will it be before coronavirus shuts down the whole world?

Do we now owe a great debt of gratitude to China?

There are assholes running all over social media claiming that coronavirus is a manufactured  campaign designed to sell vaccines.  I hope people know that vaccines are life savers and that anti-vaxxers are crazier than hell!

I believe that this virus will run its course just the same as every other virus ever has and that sooner or later, all this hype and hysteria will come to an end and people will return to some form of an ordinary lifestyle.

It is reported that One Millionth of a percent of the world’s population is now infected by coronavirus. ( 1,000,000th of one percent.) In my world view that accounts for one small pubic hair on the belly of a giant hairy gorilla at best.

I guess this thing hasn’t found its way to Russia yet! Does this smell like some form of collusion to you?  How come there are no cases of coronavirus in Russia?  Are there some cases there but they are just not being reported?  Does it matter? Is vodka strong enough to act as a hand sanitizer? (Not unless it is more than 60 percent alcohol.)

It looks to me like every living soul is subject to being quarantined now because of this global pandemic shit …. and I am wondering if such containment is even constitutional?

Here is one person’s “take” on this thing —- “Fear causes added stress which compromises the immune system. Watch your stress levels! Multiple doctors & govt health have already said it is not as deadly as the common flu. All this fear mongering is causing this virus to be a pandemic.”

Somebody told me that Canada only has about 100 cases of this shit and America has more than 1,000 —WTF is that all about?

I think the real pandemic out there is the Media milking the thing with fear for all they can get out of it.

You know the really scary part?  The coronavirus that is out there right now could morph into something far worse at any time without warning and without resolution.  Think about that over your morning biscuits and gravy!

Here’s a sobering thought for you — Most Americans will definitely be exposed to the corona virus before all is said and done (If it is ever all said and done) —-

You know what? I wonder if it was something like this coronavirus that turned the planet Mars into an uninhabited desert?

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