Is The Media Using Coronavirus To Stoke Fear And Panic In America Or Not?

In a theatrical sense, it would be reasonable to believe that Media of any kind would be more interested in meeting the demands of their investors and their bottom lines than they would be to actually serve the best interests of the news-consuming public.

If you have ever watched any of the block buster movies about how cut throat competitive the Wall Street gang is or if you have watched television plays and movies about such subjects as “The Network” and other such presentations, (Or even the hit series, “Mad Men” ….you will quickly get an idea of how it is all done in the world of fantasy.  But the rub comes when you realize that what you are seeing in the real world might be imitating theater and some might conclude that Media in general has lost all interest in presenting factual and truthful information to their consumers any more like they did in the non-objective days of real journalism. There has been reported a crisis of confidence among The American People toward what the Media generally produces and disseminates …. this has been going on for some time now.

We have been looking at panic buying in stores, we have been seeing shortages in toilet paper and hand sanitizer on a grand scale, all driven by fear of the coronavirus — We have seen a money market volatility ( wild swings up and down ) as bad or worse than anything we witnessed during the downturn of 2008 …. There have been restrictions put on travel …. Schools are closing …. States are going into emergency mode and creating “Hot Zones” where quarantine is mandatory —- and the Media is gleefully reporting all the details in what I believe to be a spine-tingling and dramatic manner worthy of any Horror Movie ….. and I think they are pumping and enhancing the hype in order to “Sell More Papers” as the old people say …. or in real terms, to boost their bottom lines! I think a lot of the Media are exploiting this damned thing for the sake of profit and to hell with whether they are scaring the public out of their wits or not!

If you want a little truth for a change, consider this: Regular flu has killed between 20 and 50-thousand people in The United States this year and the coronavirus has only killed 29 so far (at the time of this writing) but to hear the Media talking, I believe that a person listening to their crap could quickly conclude that coronavirus is far more deadly than the regular flu.  But numbers do not lie! 29 deaths from coronavirus versus 20-50,000 for the regular flu.  I think there is something rotten in Denmark on the way the Media is handling this crisis. The feeling I am getting from the people where I live is more or less a feeling of “Oh My God! We’re all going to die!” And I think a lot of this feeling is coming from listening to the constant din of what sounds like a worsening catastrophe being put out over the airwaves. I think somebody is wanting to make the whole mess seem hopeless and I believe they are getting paid really well for the job they are doing of scaring the public.


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