Where’s The White House Plan To Deal With Coronavirus Economy?

The administration seems to have been caught off guard by the sudden spread of this coronavirus epidemic and, to some degree, it seems like they are scrambling for answers and are not altogether certain exactly what it is that they should do to confront or control the situation.

So from my vantage point up here in superior opinion land, it looks like the government would rather come up with a plan to control the citizens in the midst of the crisis and hope that a plan to control the actual virus comes along at some time in the future. I know the medical establishment is working like gang busters to find a vaccine but it is reported that any vaccine for this thing is at least a year off now ….and I am wondering, “When they get a vaccine, will anybody be able to afford it?”

America just didn’t see this one coming, folks.  It is kind of like the thing that happened back on December 1, 1941 when the Japanese (Now trusted trading partners) attacked our Navy Fleet at Pearl Harbor, destroying tons of ships and planes and murdering hundreds of U.S. Military Service personnel. This coronavirus thing looks to me a lot like that Pearl Harbor thing except maybe this time, it was unintentional … “Maybe” I said! I have a relative that is running around telling everybody that he thinks the whole mess is engineered by the government for some unknown purpose.”  My relative is quite the conspiracy theorist.

Do you remember the old “Contrails” conspiracy theory where nutwads were peddling the story that the contrails left in the sky by passing jets were releasing some kind of toxin or mind control substance on citizens for some nefarious purpose or the other? There are now a lot of similarly-mindless nutbags saying much the same things about coronavirus and — there are also some other mental midgets out there telling people that all vaccines are dangerous to health and to life itself and should be avoided at all costs, — I believe these wackos are going to cause a lot of people a lot of grief if somebody doesn’t shut their lying mouths.

Now we are looking at the money markets jumping around like ants in a frying pan— first up a thousand points and then down a thousand points ….up and down, up and down … you would think that the government would have had some kind of contingency plan to meet these challenges ….Maybe they did have some kind of plans and maybe their secretly tried those plans and they failed — us peons would never know the truth if that is what happened because somebody up there thinks that controlling the news is good for the country somehow ….and they tell us only what they want us to know or to believe.

We do know one thing for sure about all these problems …. President Trump is working on them. (I wonder if anybody else is working on them?) Ask anybody what is going on in Washington right now about these coronavirus things and the flailing economy and they will probably shuffle their feet a little, look down at the ground and sheepishly mumble something like, “The President is working on it.” I hope they are working pretty damned hard on it because I think the whole mess might spiral totally out of anybody’s control at any given minute!

I do not trust Wall Streeters very much because I have a sneaking hunch that the only thing they are interested in is preserving and/or increasing their bottom lines and I don’t think that very many of them …. if there is any of them at all …. who actually care even a little bit about what happens to the poor little peon on the street or on the assembly line or out in the field somewhere. I do think that as time passes, the markets will take care of themselves …. I mean they are global after all …. somebody will come along and prop them up because if they don’t the whole damned world is going to slide into an irreparable depression and that won’t bode well for any living human being.

What I want to know is what is going to happen to the millions of people who work for a living who will be quarantined for indeterminate lengths of time because of this coronavirus thing?  How will they earn a living if they can’t get to work or if they have no way of working from their homes?  Who, besides the Welfare Department, pays people for sitting on their asses doing nothing? And how does the government think it is going to be able to afford to pay all these people for staying at home during the crisis and not go stone cold broke in the effort? Oh, I think I know the solution …. reduce the so-called “Entitlements” such as Medicare and Social Security in order to have the money to pay those people on quarantine for God only knows how long …. weeks, months, years? Yes, the government might get the idea to arbitrage the retirees and the expendable non-productive elderly members of society …. you think?  Could that happen in America? Impossible to tell what can happen when the dog is at the door.

I will level with you friends …. right now I am not so much concerned about Wall Street as I am about Main Street!



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