Let’s Have A Little Sanity About Coronavirus For Awhile, Can We?

I believe the Media is on a campaign to peddle fear and panic 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week with their ongoing barrage of hyperventilated scare headlines and their dreadful statistics about the victims of this plague.  At least that’s what it feels like to me!

I think some of the Media is doing their level best to attract more viewers with their sensationalized offerings and I can’t blame them in the least because modern Journalism is a cut-throat business, the competition for advertising dollars is intense, and the American People have been running from them for a couple of years now so many of them must be desperate to attract an audience regardless of truth or fiction or manipulation.

The feeling I get from listening to the news these days is a feeling of impending doom and bad news story after bad news story …. I am sure all this blare is having a negative effect on people’s’ stress levels and on their nerves …. It can’t be healthy!

The Democrats seem to me to be politicizing and weaponizing all the doom and gloom as well as every decision, action or word that comes from the Trump administration.

Oh I know what the Libs are going to say, “If the shoe were on the other foot, Trump would be doing the same thing.”  That’s not my point! My point is that I think the Democrats are working this fear thing for all it’s worth … for their own political advantage … and I think it is ghoulish!

I think that the political parties in this country ought to get their act together in the midst of this crisis and actually think about doing something useful for a change instead of focusing on their own little petty ideological fantasies.  But politicians being who and what they are … I am not holding my breath unless the wolf knocks the door down and starts panting at their ankles!

If the government doesn’t do something besides issue calm little assurances that it is not the end of the world, I believe we could see another Italy right here on our own shores and it might not be far off either …. This is a real dangerous crisis and the government should pouring their every resource into doing something to help the people now.

I think the investors in America have swallowed the panic pills being rolled out by some of the Media to the point where they are willing now to see the entire country go over a cliff …. so they are acting like scared rabbits and they are tanking the stock markets and moving us toward a cataclysmic recession/depression …. and this whole potential is bullshit because the investors have the power to stop all this crap simply by turning off the Media disaster reports and waiting for the system to right itself.  A downturn is not the time to sell, people, it is the time to pick up some stocks at a fairly nice price … Of course I am not a stock broker so don’t take my word for it!  That’s just how I feel about it.

We need to be getting millions more workable test kits into the hands of doctors because right now there is a massive shortage and that is why it is taking so long for people to get tested for this plague ….Foreign countries are conducting thousands of tests each day and here in America, we are only doing about a Thousand a day because we can’t get the damned kits — what’s up with that?  Why isn’t Washington working on that angle?

To be fair, I have to admit here that the fear factor is not entirely the fault of some of the Media …. We have to consider that there are actually some mental midgets out there on social media who are peddling scare stories too … and some of them can be really imaginative …..but all of them that do such things are irresponsible as hell ….There is enough misinformation already without the lowlifes adding fuel to the fires of panic.

12 thoughts on “Let’s Have A Little Sanity About Coronavirus For Awhile, Can We?

  1. John, there are so many sources telling people that things are getting worse…..we need one voice coming from the White House…..confusion is killing more people than anything right now. chuq

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