Is Coronavirus A Foreign Threat From China Or Not?

America is now under attack from something that began in China regardless of what other people might think about it or how they might wish to spin it.  America and other countries on earth have been invaded by something that poses a dire threat to life and security and it originated in China and I don’t see anybody else talking like that about Coronavirus!

What I can’t understand is how that the President of the United States could have reacted to this thing with what I thought was a real sense of flippancy or dismissal as something not so serious as to warrant an all-out national response to this foreign threat. I am grateful that the President finally took action on Coronavirus defense but as I watched the news conference about it, it occurred to me that maybe Big Business was the star of the show rather than defense against the disease.  Nevertheless, I am grateful that the big corporations are seemingly on board with the idea of aggressively dealing with this dire threat.

I believe that Coronavirus should be more of a populist national issue than it is … if it is at all ….and that people should stop being so dismissive of it ….it is a dangerous killer unlike anything we have ever seen before and all the arguments that the ordinary flu kills more people than coronavirus does seem asinine given the fact that the coronavirus is only just now getting started and that the eventual negative impact of the disease cannot even be calculated.

I hope that this disease makes people understand that globalism is not the wonderful thing that it was piped up to be and that people start to understand the urgent need for stricter control at our borders and that there is an even more urgent need for the United States to start manufacturing our own needed prescription medicines again because right now I understand that most of these critical items are manufactured in China and, given the present circumstances, that doesn’t even begin to make sense to me.  We need to get our pharmaceutical defenses back onto native soil .. and we need to do it quick because if coronavirus spirals out of control too much, we are going to be up crap creek without a paddle because the medicine we will so desperately need may suddenly not be available from good old China anymore.

Has anybody thought about that?

I am surprised beyond belief that Pelosi and company have not started trying to find something impeachable in President Trump’s initial response to this crisis. But I guess the Democrats are happy now that they have managed to get a bipartisan bill to get more funding to fight the coronavirus with …. along with plenty of new money to support abortions with (according to reports that I have read).  Yes, I have read reports that the emergency act to fight coronavirus is loaded with Democrat pork … things they failed to get during the past 25 years …. but that is another story.

9 thoughts on “Is Coronavirus A Foreign Threat From China Or Not?

  1. Every President who has ever served has always taken everything to a “New Level” in comparison to the president who went before him.


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