Remembering Susan Collins

There was a big stimulus package in the works back in 2009 that included plenty of money to finance Pandemic-scale Flu outbreaks and as I remember it, Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine)  was very vocal in her insistence that those funds be excluded from that stimulus package. Does anybody else remember that?

Can there be any rational objection to the idea that those actions by that Senator back in 2009 and the tacit approval of what was then the Republican Party was and is part of the cause the America was caught with our pants down in initial response to this coronavirus crap that is now shutting us down and threatening our very lives?

I mean, “There is no way anybody can dispute the facts that this actually happened, can they?”

Do you draw any correlation between the Right Wing attitude about such things back in 2009 to their attitudes in 2020?

Did this coronavirus thing catch The United States woefully unprepared to cope with it or not?  And if it did, where does the buck stop for the unpreparedness?

I ask, you answer.




One thought on “Remembering Susan Collins

  1. Yes we were caught with our drawers around our ankles….whose fault…..HHS and anyone that thought it was a good idea to cut their budget…..they with the CDC are our first line of defense and if they cannot do their job then shit will happen. chuq

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