Risks Of The “Paid Leave” Idea

Somebody said, “Lack of paid leave risks public health. Let me add a thought to this and make up my own slogan … “Granting paid leave risks the financial welfare of our future generations …. if, indeed, there are going to be any future generations!

The idea of paid leave during the coronavirus outbreak is also going to convince some idiot somewhere that this is also an argument for a “Guaranteed Income.”  And if 40 to 70 percent of the country is expected to get coronavirus, how in the hell do the geniuses think the rest of whoever is left is going to be able to pay for all this generosity?

And if people get paid leave from their work it means that there are few if any workers left on jobs and if there are few or no workers on jobs who is going to run the company and produce the goods and services … and what good is a paid leave from a job that might not exist within a matter of months? Idiots! What idiots think this crap up?

Nobody is taking into account that the rapid spread of covid-19 might just end up wiping out all health and financial considerations … because it might bring the nation and the world to the point where health and financial considerations are no longer relevant. Anybody think of that little detail yet?

The whole concept of “Family” and “Community” may be rendered totally impotent in the face of this threat.  Then what, geniuses?

The people who may be required to quarantine in their homes might lose their homes and have to find caves to quarantine in.  Then what?


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