The Supply Side Of Coronavirus

The experts are predicting that between 40 and 70 percent of Americans will get the coronavirus in 2020 alone … wow! That is a minimum of Twelve Million people and since that is enough for me, I am not even going to try to calculate the 70 percent.

I guess I am going to stay off public transportation because I am not comfortable being in a virtual sardine can with a lot of sickies just waiting to send me to an early grave and I am going to have to go to the supermarket less because I am sure that empty shelves will be a reality for a long time to come.

With the decreases in worldwide production (Manufacturing) that are sure to follow this outbreak, I hope I won’t need a new computer or a new automobile anytime soon because I am sure there will be a rat rush to gobble up every manufactured product as the lemmings panic even more than they have already.

This is going to be one situation where the globalists are going to get their philosophical asses busted as they realize the severe consequences of one country depending on another for critical supplies and goods! Time to being all those good old American Jobs back home, fellas!

Massive supply and demand shocks are going to be the order of the day if this coronavirus thing isn’t stopped … and stopped quickly!

I hope somebody with a lot of power and money will decide to use some of that power and money to make sure U.S. hospitals, doctors, nurses, medicine suppliers and all other people associated with delivering health care will have an over abundance of the things they need and I hope the price gougers who think they are going to get rich off the national misery run straight into the solid brick wall of heavy fines and long terms in the slammer ….long terms in the slammer!

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