More Coronavirus Nightmares May Be Arising As If It Weren’t Bad Enough!

(March 14, 2020) — The coronavirus is reported to be presenting more and more genetic information about itself to the Center for Disease Control and the CDC simply cannot keep up with the inflow of information. That is the first nightmare …. not much is known about this new strain and it is spreading like wildfire with no end in sight.

Now the scientists have come up with another new and novel idea …. They think that there may be a group of people who are running around feeling just fine who may be spreading the coronavirus without having any knowledge whatsoever that they are carriers or that they are spreading the disease because they have no visible symptoms at all. That’s the second nightmare.

I have read reports saying that some bodies that presumably had died from the common flu were exhumed for further examination somewhere and that when examined closely it was discovered that those victims had died of this same coronavirus that is running so rampant today  …. so people have reportedly died of coronavirus long before the name, “Coronavirus” was ever heard of by the rest of us. This is the third nightmare and what it means is that this current plague may have been active and being spread throughout the population for a lot longer time than most of us would like to imagine. (Maybe even years.)

The fourth nightmare arises from the one I just wrote about —- There may be a lot more people who have already been infected that anyone knows about and the shortage of testing ability on the part of the Medical Community is not helping anybody get a clear handle on just how far widespread and how inclusive this disease has already been and become.

Anyone now is potentially a ticking time bomb. Anyone who looks and feels perfectly healthy could be carrying and inadvertently spreading this dread disease. And this could have been going on for month or perhaps even years! The asymptomatics may be spreading this thing very rapidly and throughout the entire population and that is the fear of some scientists who are trying to study coronavirus.

Given all that I have just said, you can see the need for even people who feel fine and who have no symptoms to still practice all the precautionary measures …. washing of hands … social distancing and the whole ball of wax.

The scary part is that there an unknown number of people out there who are breaking all the rules …. refusing to take the recommended precautions …. They have already become a danger to themselves and to the rest of society and they don’t even know what they are doing!


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