Coronavirus Truths We Must All Be Prepared To Accept And Share

by John
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One gnawing concern of mine in this midst of this coronavirus invasion is the question of “Will a nation that has been so focused on profit above welfare allow it’s ‘Bottom Line’ instincts to place profits over the needs of our citizens?”

I know that sounds tough but I have already seen many people who have been exposed as exploiters …. the price gougers on critical health-related supplies for instance.

Is there any reason for anybody to believe that the present administration would be more interested in the stock markets and profits for Giant Corporations than they are in the health and well being of our citizens in general? Is that an unfair question?

While local government work feverishly to try to contain the spread of this coronavirus shit, I have read that the medical experts are saying that the disease is already far past the stage where it can be contained and now the real effort in the fight is to try to slow the spread of it so that the medical system will possibly be able to cope with it.

They are trying to buy some time so that somebody might actually come up with an effective vaccine with which to combat the plague of coronavirus.  It doesn’t present an awfully hopeful picture, does it?

The next massive effort in this country …. an effort that rises higher on the horizon of possibility/probability every day …. is going to be based more on care for victims than containment of the malady …. I am pretty sure of that!  In other words, if you can’t put out the fire, then you should, at least, try to get as many people out of the flames as you can and to treat those that have already been burned.

One of the scariest things I have read about this coronavirus crap is that the medical experts have predicted that anywhere from 40 to 70 percent of the American population is expected to get coronavirus in one degree or another before the whole thing is done. In Layman’s’ terms that is anywhere from 120-million to 210-million. That is definitely not chump change in population numbers people …. that is a full-fledged national disaster if you ask me.

There are people who know their shit who are estimating that as many as One and a Half Million Americans could be killed by this horrible ailment … One and a Half Million, folks! It looks to me like some great big horrible universal lottery of some kind. Everybody is subject to getting the shit and nobody knows where, who or how strongly it will attack next.

So while I appreciate what the “Experts” are saying and what they are trying to do, I am not sure they really know any more about this thing than the rest of us …. and that is not a helpful thought. That is a fatalistic thought. That is a potentially unnerving thought!

Naturally, since I am 81-years-old now, I am going to be focused on the assumption being made by many experts that the elderly have a far greater chance of dying from this thing than the younger of the herd … but I think that would be true in any circumstance and not just this one we are dealing with at the present time. What this does say to me is that us old farts need to take more precautions than the whipper snappers.

Now the question has been posed, “Will the hot air of Summer” do anything to stop the coronavirus?  Will it be a seasonal thing just like the regular flu? The short answer to that is “Nobody knows.” There are plenty of wishful thinking guesses going on but so far nobody knows ….well, that is my opinion anyway! The second part of that question is “Will coronavirus be seasonal?” That’s another one that begs an educated answer because again, nobody has a clue!

Back to the thought that I started this post out with ….. I am particularly disturbed over that big Nationally-televised news conference that the President had recently where he introduced far more Big Business types than he did Major Medical authorities …. I am glad the Big Corporations have stated they will do what they can with what they’ve got to help combat the coronavirus … but the whole news conference came across to me as more of an advertisement for big box stores than it did for anything else …. and that is what gives rise to my fears that the profit motive might outweigh the care motive in this crisis.

We will see if anything changes as time moves forward. They are already predicting that this damned thing is going to last for at least a year and maybe even more!

Supplemental thoughts:

Will the big pharmaceutical companies put their profits above their concerns for the people in this one?  Will vaccines and treatments be affordable to anybody but the very wealthy?

The Insurance Industry is already showing their true colors: The reportedly plan to waive co payments for testing but not for treatment. Very generous! Snark!

Are you getting the picture now, folks?

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4 thoughts on “Coronavirus Truths We Must All Be Prepared To Accept And Share

  1. Restaurants and bars are being shut down by state and local governments so the “Going out for a meal idea” is no longer viable for many folks. Ohio and Illinois have already done this.

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  2. John I heard Rep, Nunes tell an interviewer that people should not hide in the house…they should go out and get a meal seating would be no problem or go to a pub….but not to isolate themselves.

    Plus I think we have hit the plateau of TMI……I mean most Americans can care less that Spain has a big problem….right now they, Americans, are worried about their families and health…..

    Good post John chuq

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