Trump Wants To Cut Payroll Tax To Boost Coronavirus Infected Economy!

If Trump were to be successful in cutting out the payroll tax entirely —- and there is some indication that he might be thinking in that direction —- Social Security would then have to be paid out of The General Fund …. and that could add trillions of dollars to the national debt.

It could also result in the government cutting social security benefit payments to the senior citizens who need it most.

That is nightmare No. 1 about Social Security coming out of the administration as the coronavirus tragedy grows ever larger.

Now, on top of that ridiculous idea, I have been told that some genius in the Trump administration has also suggested means testing to see who gets a vaccine for coronavirus if one is ever created and proven effective.

If that policy takes hold I can see a situation where Mr. Moneybags cold be assured of receiving the vaccine without any hassle, while Mr. Poor Ass might be “Unqualified” to receive it.

I am afraid that if government is not very careful, this coronavirus plague could become the very means to weed out a lot of elderly people and homeless people and other factions of society’s “Non-Productives.” —- You know the underlying thinking about this one already, don’t you? “Just make sure those who are a burden on society are the first to become eliminated and clear the playing field for the young and productive.”

Well, as I think about it … it does make some sense …. I mean that after all, who could ever expect our economy to bear the impossible burden of actually dispensing all the necessary medical treatments necessitated by a widespread and virtually-all-inclusive pandemic?

So why not just provide the kind of leadership decisions that would make the situation self-limiting (It’s called “Making Hard Decisions”) and then, later, saying, “We did all we could do with what was available to us and our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those who could not be saved.) (For the good of the society as a whole, you see.).

What I am talking about here folks ….. in case you haven’t already guessed, is the old familiar scene where the Titanic is sinking and the life boats are reserved strictly for ‘Women and Children First.’ — and the rest of you are on your own.”


15 thoughts on “Trump Wants To Cut Payroll Tax To Boost Coronavirus Infected Economy!

  1. It hasn’t been too long ago that he gave a speech somewhere (Before this campaign) that if elected be would cut every single “Entitlement” program in the government … everything concerned with the safety net — I thought that was an irresponsible and threatening statement.

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