I Guess The Coronavirus Is Causing Problems
It looks like my daily readers are dropping like flies. I imagine that is either because I am a shitty blogger or people are so scared of the coronavirus that they are hunkering down and not doing much reading these days.

But I shall keep on keeping on through the shit storm regardless …. for as long as I can and as long as there is a viable country out there for me to serve.

I know I can be an offensive son of a bitch sometimes but that is something that only makes me more interesting because I am, after all, damned eccentric — and who really wants to follow the herd?

I will write what needs to be written and at exactly the right time, the people who are supposed to read this stuff will magically appear and read it and I will go sailing off into a sunset of outrageous joy and probably even fondle myself on the journey. I guess that is probably too much information. But oh well, what the hell … eh?

So right now the world is fast running out of surgical masks, hand-sanitizer and paper ass wipe …as the cockroaches scampering in fear from the coronavirus piss their pants to plunder the store shelves. I hope they know that they are not using more of the stuff they are hoarding, they are simply filling their closets up with extra crap …. what will they do with it all if this thing suddenly gets better?  Assholes!


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  1. I am praying for God to heal your migraines and please do not worry. I understand the pressures that can come when one does not feel well ….I do appreciate you more than you can know …

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  2. Dear Hook Or By Book …. I wasn’t speaking of you individually and I am terrible sorry to hear of your migraines. So, right now I am stopping to pray for your migraines and I am asking God to ease them for you and I am believing that God wants to heal you …as the Bible says, “By His Stripes I was Healed …. so please feel better … get well … I so much appreciate your comments … but I also understand how it is when we do not feel well …


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