I go to the supermarket and what do I see? I see a bunch of fat assed people who could pass for elephants in pants and pinafores with their ponderous rear ends so distended by self indulgence that their ass cheeks actually drag the floor as they ride about the aisles of the store looking for something else to hoard. I would like to walk up to one or more of these idiots and urinate on their legs but I know I would end up in jail if I did that and if I did that, I wouldn’t be any better than their worthless asses!

So, I try my best to stay out of their way because I know that if I don’t watch my step, they would run me over with those damned electric shopping carts and wouldn’t bat an eye! That is today’s average American … over-indulgent, over-pampered, ignorant and fat! — and stupid!

The toilet paper shelves are totally stark bare … not a roll to be found … the same with sanitized wipes, hand-sanitizer … chicken ….paper towels …. basic essentials that the hoarders should have glutted themselves on by now …. so where is all this shit going? Are the hoarders building extra rooms on their houses to store their crap in or are they going out and selling it at flea markets at inflated prices … Sooner or later, surely they would get enough stuff that they couldn’t find a place to put any more … but assholes are often creative … as well as grasping, grovelling, grabbing and selfish.

I hope people who use automatic check out stations are wiping those touch screens and key pads down before and after they touch them because God only knows how many infected dickwads have touched them and left their germs on them before you ever got to use them ….. and don’t forget to sanitize your cans and packages of stuff either because they have probably been man-handled by at least a thousand people before you ever pick them up and put them into your own shopping cart. Remember that coronavirus bugs can live in the open air and on hard surfaces for as long as Nine whole 24-hour days!

I can’t believe there are still idiots out there who are skeptical of all this news about the coronavirus …. they are laughing at it … mocking it … denying it …. I feel so sorry for them because they are going to be screaming to the high heavens when they or their loved ones come down with it and possibly even die because of it …. and in many cases, most likely because the scoffers refused to practice even the simplest of the preventative measures being touted by government at every level. All I can say is, if it happens to them, they get no less than they deserve because of their mental-midgetness in a time of horrible crisis!

If anybody has ever taken the time to study their history, they should have long since come to the realization that pandemics like this one have always been on the scene to plague humanity and, in most cases, have been ascribed to people’s ignorance, denial and disobedience to the ordinances of God. Maybe it is time for some of the unbelievers to take another look at their relationship with The Most High — especially in times like these when things appear to be darker and more hopeless with each advancing minute.

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  1. They might be selling it on the black market at very inflated prices … or they might simply be stockpiling stuff that they will have no use for if the crises ends … time for government enforced rationing if you ask me.

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  2. I agree with you here, John. We have been out since 7 am and managed to get food to last a week. But I wonder where the panic-buyers are storing everything too. They must be piling it up in their bedrooms and bathrooms.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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