Be Careful When Ordering Stuff Off The Internet! The Scammers Are Rampant!

So you ordered some hand sanitizer off the Internet from some outfit you have never heard of and it has been several months now and the company you ordered from has already gotten their money out of your bank account and you have still not received any shipment of merchandise from them.

Sad news! You may NEVER receive anything …. and you may NEVER see your money again!

As Coronavirus spreads over the world, several crooked entrepreneurs have suddenly begun presenting themselves and their imaginary merchandise on large on-line shopping services.

If you order from them, they will deduct the price of their non-existent merchandise from your bank account and that is the last you will hear of them.

One sure way to avoid this scam is to make sure you are exceedingly careful when ordering from what is known as “Third Party” sellers.

If the “Third Party Seller” is new to the line up of merchants on your favorite shopping site, check the date they first appeared and check to see how many comments other customers have made about them. If there are very few comments or if the comments seem to be 100% favorable … or if the comments seem to be coming from outside the United States, proceed with utmost caution because you may be in the presence of a scammer.

Your best bet is to buy merchandise that is guaranteed to be sold by and shipped from the major online merchandising website itself rather than some of the third party sellers who may have attached themselves to the primary website.


3 thoughts on “Be Careful When Ordering Stuff Off The Internet! The Scammers Are Rampant!

  1. We have had people here knocking on the doors of elderly and disabled people, offering to go and buy shopping for them. They ask for the money up front, and of course get no shopping, just steal the money. People like that are a life form below human in my book.
    Events like Covid-19 bring the scum floating to the surface.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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