I Want To Be A Little Bit Socialist In The Face Of The Coronavirus Invasion, If I May!

We all know that there are panicked hogs out there grabbing everything off the shelves of the various stores leaving vast areas of empty shelves.

This does not bode well for the sick and the elderly who may have serious need of certain consumable commodities and no way to get to the supply source.

I want to suggest that each neighborhood form cooperative committees of people right now whose task is to appear at the doors of retailers at the very moment they open each morning and that the committees purchase as much of whatever is available as the retailer permits them to purchase.

Then the committees take their purchased goods back to a central location (A distribution point) and they resell whatever they have bought to members of their own neighborhoods at or near the prices they purchased them in the first place … plus, perhaps a little extra for the cost of gasoline or rent for the storage spaces …

In other words … let’s form neighborhood co-operatives so that nobody will be left in desperate need of commodities because of a lot of greedy hogs devouring everything in sight without sense, direction or reason.

If you are reading this and if you agree, or if you have a better idea then please take the time to spread the word around to everybody you know and see who is on board with the idea.

8 thoughts on “I Want To Be A Little Bit Socialist In The Face Of The Coronavirus Invasion, If I May!

  1. Fortunately I live in a neighborhood that encourages helping our elderly neighbors and there are several offers from different local companies to deliver things using their trucks. This is not the case everywhere. Your idea is not truly Socialist, however, because you are allowing people to make free choices and would be done by willing participants. Yours is a compassionate idea that I do hope some people will take to heart.

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