Will America Become Another Italy?

Most of the civilized nations on the face of Planet Earth have a civilized medical delivery system …. usually free care for all citizens …. or some form of that single payer idea …. but America remains in the dark ages with it’s bureaucratic, intrinsically-selective and egregiously expensive “Care For Profit” ideal …. an ideal that excludes more and more people from needed care with each passing day ….. mostly the poor, the unemployed, the homeless …. you know what I mean …. “The Under Classes.” (And America is not supposed to have “Lower Classes.” (Excuse me while I laugh and cry at the same time!

Italy is one country that has this all-inclusive, socialized medical care system and when the coronavirus pandemic hit their shores, they had more than enough hospital beds available to handle almost anything …. yet they were overwhelmed by the invading plague. According to reports I have read, the Italian medical staffers are working their asses off …. far too many hours per day …. to deal with this gift that keeps on giving from China …..and as many as 200 Italian Citizens have perished in a single 24-hour period. Their system, even though far superior to that of the United States at the beginning of the pandemic, is now overwhelmed.

Now try, for a minute, to imagine what this thing is going to do to the American medical system which was not prepared at all for a massive outbreak of this kind and where the emphasis has always been more on bottom line profits for the doctors and hospitals and drug manufacturers than on the welfare of the people who are destined to consume those services and products.

I believe this pandemic is going to be the proving factor that begs for consideration in The United States to dismantle the “For-Profit” system and move rapidly and immediately toward a more socialized medicine concept. I believe that if anybody except the rich, the wealthy and the super-rich are going to have a chance at survival of this pandemic and of any that might be coming down the road at a later time, dramatic changes in the medical services delivery system are going to have to be huge and forthcoming because we are in the middle of it even as I type these words.

There are people in power in America who are already talking about using the Military to erect emergency field hospitals and others are talking about the potential need in the future, to “Ration” health care if the pandemic gets bad enough. (The young and the rich shall live and the old and non-productive will not qualify for medical help at all.).  Yes, I have heard such talk already on the public broadcasting systems in the U.S.A.!

I believe either our health system is going to have to pull a miracle out of its blundering ass or somebody is going to have to start campaigning to obtain a system that will deliver to all citizens equally as needed.


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