(12:18 PM, Thursday, March 19, 2020) —– I just got another vivid reminder of why it is that I have often said I would love to see American Public Broadcasting taken off the air completely!

I was listening a coverage of a press conference by the President and the Vice President and the nation’s leading health care experts …. They were all talking about new drug therapies they are working on to deal with the coronavirus invasion …. some very promising new drug therapies for possible treatment of the virus …. when, all of a sudden and without warning, the Pubic station cut the conference off and went on with its normal schedule of programming ….

I thought it was rude and irresponsible …. and I believe it shows very accurately what the Pubics think of our Administration …..

I’m not too fond of how slow the administration was in responding to the crisis but I believe they are doing what they know to do and I wanted to hear about the promise of the new treatment therapies they were discussing in this conference ….

I am so glad I don’t send money to support those things … I hope the time comes when millions more  Americans will decide to hang onto their “Support For This Station” cash as well.

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  1. MSNBC has broken away as well……but I think because it was blah blah blah….not much useful information and I can understand that…..I get better info from blogs than from anything the president has said in the last 10 days chuq

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