Americans Need A Health Care System That Includes Every Citizen!

There are people in America who are going to be victims of this coronavirus thing because they simply cannot afford to pay some of the egregiously-high medical bills they will surely be faced with. We desperately need a public healthcare system that is all-inclusive, one that refuses service to no one regardless of age, income, race, or gender —or income level ….. We need a health care system that does not prioritize cases, treating only the most vulnerable … as it were …. We need a free public health care system for all… all … all!

Our elected geniuses need to stop worrying about the cost of providing healthcare to our citizens and they definitely do not need to be shutting down elements of the medical system that could deal with pandemics such as the one that is now on the land. Somebody needs to be held accountable for the irresponsible actions of those who are responsible for our nation not being ready to deal with pandemics and someone needs to be held accountable for every citizens who is harmed because he or she cannot obtain the necessary health care and the level of healthcare that he or she may need.

I have heard but cannot prove (Because I don’t remember where I heard it) that all public statements about the coronavirus are now required to be filtered through the office of the Vice President who has been assigned the task of coordinating the effort to combat the coronavirus. To me that kind of restriction smacks of information control and I have always believed that when the government controls the flow of information we citizens might not be getting the whole story. Somehow this kind of policy does not look to me like very good leadership in a crisis situation.

What we need across the board is qualified medical people and scientific professionals to be leading the charge against the coronavirus and I have to give the VP some credit for having appointed such a person to that task.

Something else I think this current plague is teaching us is that we need enforced vaccination against communicable diseases as a matter of law. No more excuses for refusing vaccinations. People who refuse vaccinations for communicable diseases should face legal consequences. People who cause their kids to be un-vaccinated should face the same consequences …. for the good of the nation as a whole.

We need to get to the point where every citizen who exhibits symptoms of this coronavirus can get their testing absolutely free and we need to get our pharmaceutical industry back onto American soil so that we are no longer dependent for our needed medicines upon any foreign country who may or who may not love us.

We need to let our elected officials know where we stand on these issues and we need to be talking these points up to our friends, relatives, co-workers and social acquaintances all across the social spectrum.

If necessary, community organizers should be appointed within neighborhoods or at the level of town, village and city governments to address these issues and to mediate them with leadership.


6 thoughts on “Americans Need A Health Care System That Includes Every Citizen!

  1. I agree John…….pros need to be out front… looks like the only time we hear from the WH is when the markets are tanking and it seldom helps…..I think all pros need to step up and do what is needed to protect the citizens….the government needs to issue an EO that states no one having to stay home will not be punished by shutting off utilities or rent/mortgage…….etc chuq

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