Coronavirus Demonstrates Need For Social Transformation In The U.S.A.!

The world-wide response to coronavirus demonstrates clearly that there is a real crisis in public health delivery systems and in general economies. There is no rhyme nor reason to the fact that a pandemic like this one should be able to cripple health care services and tank the economy of powerful nations. These deficiencies are systemic and shows the desperate need for governments and peoples to consider making changes all across the board … in government …in systems of government …. everything!  If pandemics are going to be the coming thing, then this reasoning stands on the side of sanity and ignoring this reason stands on the side of ….potential worldwide disaster for all peoples who inhabit the planet.

Let’s talk about the medical care delivery system in the United States —- There are literally millions of people out there who have no way in Hell of ever hoping to be able to pay the extremely high costs of medical care …. they cannot afford to pay co-pays on their medical care ….they can’t pay their deductibles ….. most of the unfortunates don’t even have adequate coverage to begin with ….egregious numbers of them are totally uninsured due to no fault of their own …..If this situation is not incontrovertible evidence that America needs the same kind of guaranteed free health care that the rest of the civilized nations of this earth already provide, then I do not know what it is!  We need single payer now and we need it desperately because I am sure that the measures that are being taken now to try to alleviate the coronavirus tragedy are going to prove to be totally inadequate to meet the need when all is and done.

If we are going to engage in making comparisons between for-profit health care and universal health care, we are going to have to play with apples and oranges for a minute because as good as universal health care might be, it is still suffering dramatic pressures right now because of the spread of contagion around the world… but … and it is a big “But,” universal health care has already shown itself to be better prepared to meet global emergencies than its for-profit counterpart. End of argument. The evidence is glaring!

There is plenty of evidence in the daily press conferences given by Federal, State and Local governments that the medical establishment, itself, isn’t sure whether they are going to be able to provide needed services in the size, scope and amount that will be needed as this virus rages on.  Some of them are already talking about rationing care! This is outrageous and should never have happened.  It would not have happened had America put less of an emphasis on corporate greed and more emphasis on the rights and needs of the citizens.  Apathy and stupidity in high places have brought this untenable situation on and now that it is here and is a reality, all we can do is pray that we make it through somehow. The system seems to be failing badly in the face of this tragedy and if that is the case then it is time for somebody to start thinking about changing the system.


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