Coronavirus May Infect More Than Half The Population Before It Calms Down Experts Are Predicting!

They are saying that from 50 to 80 percent of the world’s population will get this disease before it is all said and done …. if, indeed it is ever “said and done.”  This damned thing might calm down a bit at some point in the future and then come raging back when people start massing together again ….. That’s what some other “Experts” are saying now. Is there any good news out there this morning?

Some states are in a statewide lockdown this morning …. and a lot of people are starting to wonder whether some of those confinement measures that are being implemented are even constitutional. I am not sure the constitution was written with this kind of plague in mind. I am thinking there might be a total breakdown of government (Some of the lawmakers are already victims of this plague) — This does not bode well.

The “Testing” chaos continues as medical people everywhere are worried about running out of supplies and as the administration in Washington sits on their hands waiting for “The Proper Time” to issue emergency orders to require Industry to tool up to meet the demands of this national tragedy.

Idiots on spring break and elsewhere …. mostly young “know-it-all” assholes, are blatantly ignoring all the warnings being issued for the general safety of the public and are saying such shit as “I don’t care if I get the coronavirus or not .. I’m going to keep on partying!” There are still fools out there who believe this whole pandemic thing is nothing but “Hype” being put out by the media for profit and by the government for political advantage.

There are now almost Two Million Americans out of jobs …. there goes the Economy, folks! How long can the government sustain their unemployment compensation without glutting the market with more printed money …. how long is it going to be from now until a loaf of bread starts costing a Hundred dollars …. if you can find a loaf of bread that is …??

The Internet gurus are worried now that the massive increase in the use of the World Wide Web caused by people having to work and go to school from home … plus all the increased hysterical communications between people worried for their lives in this outbreak is going to overload the Internet at some point and cause the whole damned thing to crash!  Thankfully there is still opportunity for the big providers of Internet services to increase capacity …. if only they will do so … Can you imagine a world without Internet?

Reports are circulating that some of the larger airlines are now sending some of their planes out to the deserts for storage during this crisis as flights are severely reduced all across the country.  Just one airline along this week has grounded more than 50-Thousand of their flights. I wonder what is going to happen to the rest of mass transit … the buses, the trains …??

The National Guard has been activated in Ohio and probably in other places too by this time … They are helping to get food to the needy …as yet they are not carrying weapons according to reports I have read … but, of course, Martial Law has not yet been declared either, has it?

With all this fear mongering …. and with the facts that this plague is actually dangerous to life and security ….It cannot be long before the populations of the world start feeling the psychological effects of all the pressure they are enduring because of this thing …. Can you imagine the spread of a national or world-wide coronavirus-driven psychosis of some kind?  The fact is …. and I am wondering how many people know about this …. that gun sales are spiking right now as this crisis deepens. —– Does that mean I am going to live to see the day when some dick breath with a macho tendency might pull a gun in a grocery store in an argument over who is going to get to buy that last roll of toilet paper?

God bless America, Folks.

10 thoughts on “Coronavirus May Infect More Than Half The Population Before It Calms Down Experts Are Predicting!

  1. In many respects, it will be posititive for the future if that many people are infected and survive. They will build up antibodies. Unfortunately, that also means that most of us over 65 will have to die.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. almost anything that crams people together is going to make things worse — but starvation is not really an option unless you are overweight by a significant amount and even then it is not advisable. We will live to see food riots yet I am afraid!

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  3. What irks me is that grocery stores are limiting their hours of operation here in Las Vegas. Rather than being open 24 hours, they are only open 7 am to 10 pm (first hour for seniors only). Who in their right mind decided to do this? As a result, everyone is squeezed into a tighter time frame, and that means bigger crowds at any one time. So much for social distancing! I stood in a long line for an hour today—and this was during the “seniors” hour! All that for less than $30 worth of groceries. No water to be found, so I bought two gallons of milk. There’s water in milk, right? The whole time I was there, I was thinking about how much coronavirus was floating around in the air amongst the crowd jam-packed at the cash registers. I can’t believe how stupid this is. Guaranteed to make matters worse!

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