Facing A Few Facts About Coronavirus

First of all, coronavirus has become a literal pain in the ass for thousands of people who cannot seem to lay their hands on toilet paper at stores.

Some people who have some knowledge about camping, survival skills and the great outdoors have suggested that people go out and pick some leaves and use them …. but I, being of exceptional intelligence, am warning those people, “Make sure you know what kind of leaves you are using and for goodness’ sake avoid poison ivy, oak and other severely irritating leaves. (Someone thought that common Kale would be a good idea.)

Then there is a revival of the old cloth-diaper idea …. cut up some convenient-sized rectangles of soft cloth and keep them handy and available in a receptacle near the toilet and once used, place them into a “Wet Bag” or some other tightly closeable hamper or something like that and launder them in the washing machine.

One thing I do want to mention because of all the panic buying going on in stores right now is this: I do not think it is a really great idea to stand in a big crowded line of other people who are trying to buy toilet paper in the store. Standing in a big crowded line certainly does not meet the standard of maintaining 6 feet of space between yourself and the other guy  …. and social distancing would be really difficult in a crowded line of people.  Besides which, some idiot might jostle you (touch you in some fashion and infect you with the virus.).

I just don’t think being a part of a crowd is a good idea right at this time.


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