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The American Military, most notably the national guard, is ramping up to take a larger role in the pandemic. So far they are going to be used to distribute food to the needy and the shut in (That’s what I heard) ….. but I hope everybody knows that they are well trained in the art of population control too if it comes down to that. (Think “Enforced National Quarantine.”). If that happens, that is when you will see the rifles and the bayonets come out.

Testing for coronavirus is going to take a hit pretty soon (It is already happening in some places) because there aren’t enough testing kits to go around and they are already rationing them to include first responders and health care professionals above everybody else …. and the experts are predicting 70-thousand new cases of this shit by next week? — Even in the Midwest where I live, testing kits are already in short supply even though some manufacturers are ramping up production.

By this time next week it is projected that there will be Two-Million people without a job in the United States ….. I understand that because almost everything is already shut down or working from remote places (such as at home) and many thousands simply do not have jobs anymore at all. Somebody has suggested that the congress of The United States is considering moving their operations out of the capitol to some remote work situation.

People are becoming afraid of handling paper money and coins for fear of the spread of coronavirus that can live on surfaces for up to 9 days …. the geniuses are telling us to use credit cards whenever we can and to wipe them off after using them …. and don’t forget to wipe down those key pads and touch screens after you contact them also.  One bright spot — they tell me that it is unlikely that a person can get coronavirus from handling their mail.

Impulsive and dim witted teen agers all over the place are fast becoming a major threat for spreading the virus because a lot of them absolutely feel like they are invincible and they are ignoring every warning and every precaution about the disease.  They are herding up in mass wherever they can (“I’m going to party on whether I catch coronavirus or not” seems to be the prevailing attitude and it is driving both parents and the police to distraction.)

There has already been one case where a bunch of teen agers went into a grocery store and filmed themselves coughing on openly displayed produce … I am guessing they think this is a fun prank to pull …. even though everybody knows that the coronavirus is spread from droplets coming out of people when they cough or sneeze …. I feel like that if somebody is caught doing this they should be rounded up and locked up and tried on charges of attempted murder at the very least.

Here is something else to worry about during this pestilence …… Dogs, cats, rats, birds and all kinds of wild things will, no doubt, start roaming around locked down cities at will and in greater numbers now …. and these critters can carry diseases of their own. I wonder if anyone else has thought about this? Imagine the burden that such an eventuality is going to have on animal control personnel.

I guess it is also time to be extra careful around pets too because there are reports circulating that some dogs have been tested for coronavirus and have come up positive on their tests.  So if this is true, then it means that a coughing or sneezing animal pet is now a threat … and for goodness sake … avoid allowing them to lick or to slobber on you!

9 thoughts on “Around The Globe

  1. There is a lot of misinformation going around. Dogs don’t get the virus, but being petted by their owners can spread it if other people stroke them soon after. Best not to stroke anyone’s dog. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I don’t mean to make light of your situation but perhaps a little humor could lighten the load a little bit and so here goes: If you need a food item that can stretch a long way, may I suggest mozzarilla?

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  3. I have several pellet guns that can be used to take out birds if it becomes necessary to find something to eat….plus I have several edible plants in my property…..if the need becomes necessary chuq

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