(MARCH 21, 2020) —– I hope the greedy hoarding sons of bitches that are emptying store shelves before I can get in there to get what I need founder on their stockpiles — fat, ignorant bastards!

We’ve got this dumb-assed faux leadership in Washington telling us that they are going to wait until the coronavirus becomes a bigger problem before they invoke the laws and the powers they are authorized to invoke in order to force American Industry to go on a wartime footing to manufacture critically-needed medical supplies.

I swear I am ready to vote for Biden … and the thought irks me … worries me … but hell, folks, would anybody at all be better than what we’ve got now?

So now the doctors who are short-changed on what they need to treat people are making “Heartbreaking” decisions about who lives and who dies … who gets the respirator and who doesn’t …. Let me guess, “Rich bitch lives, Poor asshole dies!” — Is that reasonable for me to think?

How long is it going to be before the spread of this coronavirus shit causes civil disobedience to turn violent and necessitate intervention by the Military?  There are already fights breaking out in shopping places over who gets to buy the toilet paper and who doesn’t! It can surely get a lot worse if people get scared enough, can’t it?





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  1. We have just been to the supermarket. It was very busy, but people were quiet and respectful. The shop limited sales to 3 of any single item, to every customer. If it continues like this, we might be okay.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I wish I could say the same….but our state government is the old boys network and it is only for the wealthy…..local governments are doing much better…..at least in my region. chuq

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