Georges Convivant

A funny little game we play —– We arise and run to the computer so that we can see what the bad news for the day is —– Oh but wait a minute!  Isn’t that the same as what we have always done? It used to be the TV and now it’s the computer. —– for as long as the Internet holds up, that is  —– what with all the brats staying home from school doing their best to overload it and crash it for everybody —– the same as that bunch of brats that was caught at a super market coughing and sneezing onto the open displays of produce and filming themselves in the act and laughing about it —– I am told that gun sales on the rise again —— does that mean that some dumb ass is eventually going to shoot somebody at a store over a pack of toilet paper or something? —– I am waiting to see the armed guards roaming the aisles at super markets the same way the roam the halls of school buildings —–How long now until martial law?

7 thoughts on “Georges Convivant

  1. Just bide your time, dear friend … with American gun nuts’ obsessions with shootings, it is only a matter of time. The headlines will read thusly: “Man Shot To Death In Grocery Produce Aisle Over Tomato!”

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  2. John I hear there are already fist fights in some areas over store items… can gun violence be far behind…..those kids need their ass paddled for being so uncaring all for a few minutes on Youtube… damn silly. chuq

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