Democrats Playing With Fire By Stalling Coronavirus Relief Package!

The Democrats have stalled passage of a critically-needed infusion of cash into the wallets of ordinary Americans facing financial disaster in the face of the coronavirus, claiming that the package, as now drafted, benefits huge corporations more than it does ordinary folks like good old “John Q Public.”

If our “Dear Leaders” don’t get their heads out of their asses and stop playing partisan politics with every damned thing that comes down the legislative aisle, they are going to be literally responsible for the deaths of unknown numbers of American Citizens from the effects of this horrible plague that is now running all over us!

Sad to say, I am of the opinion that those dolts really don’t have what it takes to show empathy to suffering people — especially suffering people who don’t happen to be filthy rich —-and I am afraid that most of them (In both parties) are too bull-headed to ever give an inch in an argument and so …. perhaps millions of Americans will end up with no hope at all of getting any help from Uncle Sugar!

If I am wrong about this, then you will see me apologizing and repenting of my cynicism on bended knee ….. perhaps even naked on bended knee!

I understand that the relief package had huge bipartisan support and was on the way to being ratified and voted into being before Speaker of The House (I am not going to mention names here) and a Senator (Still no names here) — you should know who I am referring to …..stepped in with their objections and stopped the whole thing dead in its tracks.

After seeing what some people whom I just alluded to tried to do to the President with their faux impeachment bullshit of a few months ago, it doesn’t surprise me in the least if they have come forward at this critical time to stall this most desperately-needed legislation for no other reason than to rub more salt into the open wounds they inflicted on the President with their impeachery hoax.

It could be (and this is my opinion and nothing but my opinion) (an opinion that often proves to be infallible) — that the Democrats are stalling this bill so that later on they can complain that the President took too long to do anything — and who knows, maybe they think they can even find something impeachable about it all.

So my Fellow Americans, I would say at this point, “Do not hold your breath waiting for any help from Washington … I think we are all more or less on our own now as the power structure scrambles to try to save itself.”

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