Democrats Stall Coronavirus Aid Package While Millions Suffer Economic Impact!

I guess we might just as well forget about a financial stimulus package for Americans and American Business People because Pelosi and Schumer are now blocking it for reasons of their own ….. which is no more or less than I had expected would happen ….. If the government came up with something that could help Americans in crisis, the Dems first and only knee jerk would be either to fill legislation with pork or to reject it entirely!

I believe there was strong bipartisan support for this Trillion Dollar bailout of Citizens and Businesses until Schumer and Pelosi got into the act —– and what is one to expect from those two besides something like this?

Voters will remember this slap in the face come election time ….. vote the Leftist zealots out —- permanently! ——While we all sit here isolated & scared to death, Democrats want to play games!

11 thoughts on “Democrats Stall Coronavirus Aid Package While Millions Suffer Economic Impact!

  1. I would love to believe that they want to make sure the most vulnerable among us are helped … that would be wonderful … but I do not think it is a realistic view of the politicans’ general mindset —Most of them have no clue as to how the most vulnerable among us have to live and they are so entwined with their privileged estate with it’s endless materialism that I doubt they could even understand how the most vulnerable live..

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  2. There can definitely be more than one rescue package and the Speaker and her cronies should know that and should allow the first relief to go forward while it can still do the most good and work out their frustrations in the second or the third relief bill that is sure to be in the works.

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  3. They will continue to screw around with this package deal as more thousands of Americans die … It’s all about who gets how much money and for what and when they will get it … This is an intervention by Pusslozi in a procedure that was progressing very well before she and Schumer stuck their noses into it. The blood will be on their hands.


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