Pandemic Has Not United The American Politic Yet!

You would think a pandemic like coronavirus would unite America’s broken, dysfunctional and highly partisan divide —– but so far, it has not happened as the parties are looking through their politically-polarized lens and are viewing the pandemic along party lines. —– Have you ever heard something so disgraceful in your entire lives? People are dying like flies and politicians are still playing politics.

According to all reports that I have read, the Democrats are the ones who are most likely to see the pandemic as a major threat to the safety of themselves, their families and to life and limb. The Republicans, on the other hand, have been viewing the whole thing as something the media are blowing all out of proportion and that the risk of the disease is not as dangerous as advertised. —– Because of this, the Republicans in power seem to be dragging their feet when it comes to actually doing something to combat the coronavirus —– or, at least, they were dragging their feet until just today when they seem to have had sort of a change of heart and now appear to be thinking about ramping up their efforts. But I think they have waited a little too long ……. I hope I am wrong!

In today’s news conference, President Trump seemed to have done a turn-around on his former position of talking about the coronavirus like it was not something to be worried about and is now talking about a bunch of things he might authorize to actually do something about the disease. —- It’s hard to tell if this turn around is something that the President thought of on his own or if a lot of pressure has been brought to bear on him by the developing tragedy.

One thing I think is inevitable and inescapable —– as the number of deaths from this thing rise and as the economy slides further into the snake pits of hell …. I think both sides of the political aisle will suddenly smell the roses!

I am told that in Italy, everybody thought at first that the coronavirus was something that could be laughed off —- 80% of Italians thought it was being exaggerated and hyped far too much in the media and elsewhere …… but as their morgues became overwhelmed by deaths from the plague and their crematories worked to capacity and on overtime, they switched gears and now there are less than 30 percent of them who feel like the virus is nothing to really be concerned about.

I believe America is about to get a super jolt to the gonads on this one and attitudes are going to change rapidly across the spectrum!


10 thoughts on “Pandemic Has Not United The American Politic Yet!

  1. Like dogs in the street, this tragedy will have us all snarling and snipping at the heels of others … before we finally turn to cannibalism. (With a few exceptions, of course … exceptions such as you and me.

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