Will The President Play Doctor?

So if the President thinks that he wants to lift the distancing requirements (6-feet between people) and the “Stay at home” restrictions placed on us by the highly qualified medical people who know what they are doing, then who are YOU going to believe?

If the President tells us that it is safe once again to get on with our normal lives and that we will have nothing to fear from coronavirus if we simply sterilize and reuse our masks, gowns and other disposable personal protection equipment we will have no fear of catching the disease ….. and if the doctors disagree with the President on those scores ….. who are you going to believe?

You want to know what I think?

I think that in a very short time —– a very very short time —– you and I are going to see the President firing some of his medical advisers who might disagree with him about some of these things, and they will be replaced by loyalist “Company Doctors” who will be willing to parrot anything the President says so that “Businesses” can survive …. even if thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens do not survive because of the decisions that will be made about how to stay protected.

I am not a medical person —– do not get the idea that I am a medical person —– I am a blogger with opinions (albeit opinions that are generally more right than wrong) but I am telling you that I believe that if the President causes people to relax their vigilance and allows them to herd together again like nothing has ever happened, you are going to see this coronavirus explode with such intensity that what is happening now in places like Italy will look like chump change.

3 thoughts on “Believe!

  1. Americans are generally too stupid to listen to good advice so they will go on doing their own thing and many of them will pay the ultimate price for their stubbornness. The worst part is that they will take many of the innocent with them when they go.

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