China Set To Lift Lockdown

It is being reported that China has announced that it will lift the lock down it has imposed on Hubei Province because there have been no new cases of the coronavirus reported in more than a week.

At the same time, President Trump has indicated that he will review the necessity of maintaining the lockdowns that have been placed in The United States because he wants to get some sectors of the economy running again.

I say, “Whoa there, pardner — wait just a minute!” What if China is giving out misinformation about their intentions in the hope of convincing The United States to follow their example?

Is it possible?

What if these restrictions on movement are lifted and the cases start skyrocketing again?

We are already having enough trouble with people ignoring the precautionary steps that are already available to us.

Do we really need to go there this early in the game?

Can we get away with it or is it going to be a death sentence for many more people who might have been saved if there wasn’t such a knee jerk reaction?

4 thoughts on “China Set To Lift Lockdown

  1. I read recently that the number of cases being reported in China is slowing down…..but I am with you….it is way too early for such action…..chuq


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