Attention, World — You Better Be Watching Independent Blogs For Your News!

I can guarantee you that as sensationalism becomes more and more profitable, you are going to discover that trusting major corporate-owned and controlled news sources is going to get harder and harder as time goes on!

There is profit to be gained by “Enhancing” the news —– and when the news gets enhanced, you often get lots of frighteningly entertaining stuff, but you may not be getting the “Root Truth” of the matter.

Case in point: You are hearing lots and lots of “Facts” and “Figures” about how deadly and dangerous the coronavirus pandemic is —- and you are getting lots and lots of frightening stories about how rapidly the pandemic is spreading —– and that is what commercial “News” sources are best at doing — They are best at selling you the worst-case scenario in any story they report —- that is what they get paid for — that is what sells newspapers — that is what boosts ratings on broadcast networks.

But be honest with me now —– How many times have you read, watched or listened to your favorite “News” source and heard them say, “More People Recover From Coronavirus Than Die From It?”

This latter statement is the Truth —- but it doesn’t sell as many papers, magazines and broadcasts as the “Apocolyptic” versions do. —- And the “News” does love to keep consumers on the edge of their seats!

It has been reported that most Americans are taking most of the stuff they are hearing on regular News sources in a tongue-in-cheek manner these days —- The statistics show that most Americans confidence in the honesty, integrity and accuracy of their favorite “News” sources has been eroding — seriously eroding — for quite some time now …. and I think it is with good reason!

I am even getting to the point now where I am beginning to believe that regular “News” outlets don’t even bother with the “Truth” anymore but they are busy reading “Scripts” written for them by the corporations that own them and that wish the news to be spun to their own advantage!

So Social Media has come alive with “News Bloggers” who are doing their best to fill the vacuum of trust left by the News Giants —- and that is how most public opinion is being shaped these days — by the little “News Bloggers” doing their best to cut through the fog and present a better version of events.

Internet News proved its worth when it was a big deciding factor in the election of President Obama some years ago.  Internet made the difference in that election and any expert will admit to it …. except, perhaps, some Madison Avenue type who works for an ad agency or a Public Relations Firm.

So I am telling you, you need to be reading more Independent Blogs just like the one I am writing on at this instant, “The Liming Report” and like the ones that are listed in my “Blog Roll” and “Links” section — Great ones like “In Saner Thought,” “Beetley Pete,” “Cry and Howl”, ACE News,” “Citizen Tom,” and all the rest of them:

And even more that you can find on your own —- there is a blog for every taste out there on the vast Internet and I think I can safely guarantee you that any of them will do a better job of informing you than many of the big wig News sources owned by the corporatocracy.

We are living in dangerous times, folks — and we do not need Big Money messing with our heads, with our welfare, with our livelihoods, with our health, safety and peace in troubled times.

So come here and read or go to one of those other wonderful places ….You owe it to yourself to get the best information you can get in this age when confusion reigns everywhere and in almost everything!

11 thoughts on “Attention, World — You Better Be Watching Independent Blogs For Your News!

  1. Thanks for the mention, John. It is true that most people do recover., However, for the over 65 group, and those with existing conditions like COPD and Asthma, most of those who get it will die.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. My auxillary warehouse is well stocked with most everything I need. But I will come on over and view your list. Thank you for the invitation.


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