Is It Time For Networks To Shut Down Presidential Coronavirus Briefings?

The major broadcasters in The United States have recently begun to shut down President Trump’s daily briefings about the coronavirus about 20 minutes or so after they begin, or so I have observed.

I questioned this at first since the President usually continues to go on speaking and answering questions and what have you for perhaps as long as Two hours after the briefings begin.

One reason given by some person somewhere along the line was that the Networks are cutting the briefings short because they feel the briefings have become something of a campaign opportunity for the President.

It does seem to me that the President looks a lot like he is playing his favorite hits during the briefings …. telling the nation how great something is that has been done by his administration or telling the nation that the “Great” advancement he is talking about has never been done before….

I understand that some broadcasters are even toying with the idea of putting the briefings on a time delay so that they can edit out any information coming out of the briefings that they think might be erroneous or misleading to the public.

Even I am getting tired of hearing these briefings and I have come to prefer the ones being given by my own state governor.

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