New York Coronavirus Cases May Be Slowing

I have heard that the mayor of New York City has said that there is some indications that the spread of coronavirus in his city may be slowing down. I believe he is crediting that slowing of the spread to all the self-isolation tactics going on there and around the rest of the country.

That would be really great news, wouldn’t it?  To have the indicators going down instead of up for a change?

I hope the American People have the good presence of mind to obey the suggestions of the doctors in times like these rather than the wish-dreams of the politicians.

15 thoughts on “New York Coronavirus Cases May Be Slowing

  1. I based it on the “Models” of the spread of the virus (It’s beginning, peaks and declines) of several countries around the globe. They all seem to be somewhere within the same ballpark …depending on when they charted the beginnings of their worst outbreaks. — They are using logarithmic charts to make their predictions … and they have been fairly accurate so far — depending on the testing that gets done ….Italy’s experience shows that more drastic containment measures work, so the U.S. curve may start bending downward in the coming days, as measures here go into effect. (John Burn-Murdoch at The Financial Times maintains a log chart for multiple countries.) The lag between the imposition of measures and their impact on the curve could take days to a week or two, because of the incubation time before symptoms arise. If the line does not begin to bend downward, more stringent actions are probably needed.

    But when it finally does, it will herald a real change in the direction of the epidemic in the United States.

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