More Coronavirus Horror Stories To Go To Sleep By

I am thanking God tonight that some responsible people are starting to think about prosecuting idiots who go around licking produce in grocery stores and coughing and sneezing on surfaces in a misinformed effort to spread the coronavirus among the population —– and yes, there have been such idiots and some of them are even filming themselves and laughing about what they are doing —– they think it is some kind of joke to infect other people with a deadly disease!

But officials are stepping up and are considering charging such criminals with terrorism charges and I say it is about damned time!

There are already 1,000 dead Americans because of this pandemic and some places are looking forward to what they believe will be “surges” of as many as 6,000 new cases of the pandemic per day —- 6,000 new cases each day! That is what some of the medical experts are projecting.

This is not just something that is localized somewhere, folks —- this horrible malady is now in 150 countries world-wide and still spreading like uncontrolled wild fire.

The pandemic is threatening economies all over the world and may, in the end, threaten the very existence of society as we have known it and usher in some period of some kind of Orwellian monstrosity that nobody can even begin to imagine.

I can envision the construction of thousands of treatment units out in some desert areas  —– places that could hold unknown thousands of victims —- places designed for people to die in company with other victims —-places to separate them from the uninfected part of society —– literal death camps!

How long is it going to be before the government stops trying to help citizens because they run out of things to help them with and helpless people start running wildly around the streets —– disoriented —– frightened out of their wits —– with no available food —— no available medicines —–hell on earth scenarios?  —- How long until the Military becomes social control instead of social helper? —- How long?

Is our Democracy in danger of utter collapse now because of the unpreparedness —– because of the unthinking ideas coming out of Washington about crowding people together again in places of employment just to get the economy running again? —- Imagine how the spread of this disease will increase when people are allowed close contact with one another again? —- That is how the damned disease spreads and that is what some of the mindless in Washington are proposing as a stop gap measure to save a devastated economy —– death or profit —- you decide which one will win!

Another thing while I am on this subject —– I keep hearing on the news that there is a Trillion-Dollar relief package “Moving Through Congress” —– a relief package that will put badly needed money directly into the hands of the suffering American People ——I keep hearing that this relief package is “Moving” through congress but nothing about it having been agreed to yet —– The president today even hinted that there might be some grandstanding mavericks in congress who will step in and delay the passing of this critical legislation once again —– as has already been done in the past.

I keep hearing the President bragging about the millions of respirators being sent to New York and elsewhere —– I have been hearing this kind of shit for a couple of weeks not —– but the respirators have not arrived in New York yet according to the stuff I have been reading —– where in the hell are these respirators that are always “On Their Way” to the frontlines of this coronavirus war? —– Is somebody blowing smoke up our asses or is there something else that we are not being told?


7 thoughts on “More Coronavirus Horror Stories To Go To Sleep By

  1. John right now Americans just want their cash now……president promised and they want it in the bank……they do not care what it is called as long as they get free cash…….chuq

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  2. That is something that I could never understand —but it is indeed true! Maybe people just don’t understand socialism or maybe they cannot resolve the ideal form of it in their heads. A true Democracy (as opposed to a Democratic Republic) has always been the ideal of common ownership/common benefit —–as in early Greece for example — totally socialist —-What we have in America is a cross between Democracy and Socialism that seems to have worked for a few decades — until the current bunch of idiots got into power … now it seems to be a free for all and every person for themselves.

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  3. Medical practitioners make money on death and misery; funeral homes make money on death and misery; Trump seems to be hoping that he can get reelected because (despite) of death and misery —survival of the fittest … and in this case, the “fittest” is also the “fattest” and the “richest.”

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  4. Did you see where the inventor Dyson invented a ventilator in days? Seems markets are really happy
    cause they are getting free money…..that should tell us all we need to know about this situation. chuq

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