“Doug” Shares His Experiences During Coronavirus Pandemic

I believe that sharing personal experiences during this pandemic is a very important thing. —— A fellow blogger named “Doug” is using his blog to do exactly that —– to share his experiences during the pandemic. —– To Doug, I say “Thank you.”

Now I can’t find a “Reblog” key on Doug’s blog, “Finding Political Sanity,” so I am going to link it here and I recommend that you read it because the things that Doug is describing might already be happening to you —– or might be happening to you very shortly!


There is a growing number of people just expressing more than “Have a nice day.” when parting.  “Keep safe.” Take care of yourself.” “Stay healthy.” is a personal fave.  It used to be you could just sense the “elephant” in the room when chatting with people before this pandemic regarding the great political divide.  Now it’s all about the virus, quarantines, hunkering at home, and rumors of who got infected.  This town also has its fair share of aging Baby Boomers… so there’s that not-so-subtle realization that we ain’t gonna live forever like we thought we would back in our 30’s.

Here is the link to read the rest of the story:

Doug’s Corona-V Journal – March 24, 2020



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