I Have A New Hobby And It Involves Donald Trump

Yes, I have come to the point now whenever the President’s mug appears on my television screen, I scramble to change the channel —– usually before he even speaks a word.

That’s my new news hobby and I have to admit that ever since I have begun doing it, I feel so much better about everything!

More News — I heard that some older folks are claiming that whiskey drinkers develop an immunity to coronavirus. Is that true? Could that possibly be true? —- Let me know what you think before I run out and buy a gallon of good old Kentucky Bourbon.

8 thoughts on “I Have A New Hobby And It Involves Donald Trump

  1. Yes! I’m so happy to hear you say this John! As for the whiskey, I haven’t heard about that, but it’s better than the drinking bleach theory that was passing around sites like Reddit.🤦🏻‍♀️

    BTW, I’m starting something new on my blog called Family Fridays, where people can check in and let each other know how they’re doing and what’s happening where they live. Feel free to pop over!🤗

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